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Microsoft Word Introduction

Microsoft Word Introduction

Price: $79.99

MODULE 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Word

Learning outcomes: How to load Word, creating a document and some basic navigation to get you started.

Topics covered:

  • Meeting Microsoft Office Word 2010

  • Creating a Document

  • Navigating in Your Document

  • Doing More with Your Document

  • Working with Your Document

  • Getting Help in Word 2010

MODULE 2: The Ribbon Interface in Word

Learning outcomes: A look at the toolbars, ribbon and options word offers to create your documents with.

Topics covered:

  • Getting Acquainted

  • The Quick Access Toolbar

  • Tabs and Groups

  • The Home Tab

  • The Insert Tab

  • The View Tab

MODULE 3: Advanced Tabs and Customization

Learning outcomes: Looking at more specialist ribbon tabs, contextual tabs and how to customize the ribbon to your own needs.

Topics covered:

  • The Page Layout Tab

  • The References Tab

  • The Mailings Tab

  • The Review Tab

  • Contextual Tabs

  • Customizing the Ribbon

MODULE 4: Creating Word Documents

Learning outcomes: Creating a document and selecting/moving text/applying effects to create professional standard documents.

Topics covered:

  • Creating a New Document

  • Selecting Text

  • Moving Text

  • Applying Advanced Text Effects

MODULE 5: Doing More with Text

Learning outcomes: Using different fonts, formats and paragraph options to present your document effectively.

Topics covered:

  • Fonts on the Home Tab

  • The Font Dialog

  • Using Tabs

  • Paragraph Options

MODULE 6: Viewing and Printing Your Document

Learning outcomes: How to adjust the layout and view accordingly to ensure you can work with and print your document as you wish.

Topics covered:

  • Using Layouts and Views

  • Basic Viewing Tools

  • Advanced View Tools

  • Preparing Your Document

  • Printing a Document

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