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Money Management 101: Beginner’s Guide to Financial Freedom

Money Management 101: Beginner’s Guide to Financial Freedom

Price: $19.99

Post any questions you have on my facebook page! -ManOntheStreetFinance-

Follow this step by step guide to pack up your finances and take 4 concrete steps to achieve financial freedom.

You will get recommendations on steps to take if you answer the questionnaire that comes with the course.

In this journey, you will evaluate your own financial standing, understand what you want and create a strategy to get to your goal.

Step 1: Evaluate where you stand and what you want

Step 2: Understand your finances

Step 3: Optimise debt, spending and income

Step 4: Allocate your savings

If you want to retire at 45 or at 60, or if you simply want to understand how to go about money management, this guide will help you personalise your plan.


After 10 years in finance, I realised that investing and financial services are provided to those who can afford it. That leaves out most of the population. After years of reading, trying and making mistakes, I came up with a simple and effective method that everyone can follow to become financially free. Discipline and consistency are your best friends on this journey.

– Your decisions today will shape your tomorrow –

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