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Operating Systems from scratch – Part 2

Operating Systems from scratch – Part 2

Price: $139.99

Welcome to the course Operating systems Part 2 : Memory Management Masterclass !!!

Mastering the concepts of Operating Systems is very important to get started with Computer Science because Operating System is the program which is responsible for the ease with which we are able to use computers today to solve our problems by writing application programs like Google Chrome. The concepts which we are going to study is going to give a very good understanding of Operating System like what are the allocation strategies used by Operating Systems , what are the memory management strategies used by Operating Systems , paging in operating systems, page replacement in operating systems, , how paging works in operating systems , how segmentation works in operating systems , how virtual memory works in operating systems , how multilevel paging works in operating systems , how CPU executes a process using memory manager.

Without using Operating Systems ,it is extremely difficult to communicate with the hardware devices of our computer. Every computer today has an Operating System installed in it. Through this course you will not only master Operating Systems but also get ready for venturing into advanced concepts of Computer science

In this course ,every concept of Operating Systems is taught in an easy-to-understand manner such that anybody who has basic knowledge of operating systems like scheduling, devices in out computer, how a process is created etc. can understand this course well.

Come and join me, I assure you that you will have the best learning experience of not just Operating Systems but also the core of Computer Science in a different dimension.


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