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Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud | 1Z0-1008

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud | 1Z0-1008

Price: $24.99

Course in Pre-Launch Mode,Total number of question will be around 35+.

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials | 1Z0-1008 Test series

1Z0-1008 practice test

It cover 100% of Oracle exam 1Z0-1008 certification syllabus.

You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems.

Exam Topics:

Project Portfolio Management overview

  • Describe the components of Oracle Cloud Project Portfolio Management

  • Explain the components available for integration

Applications Security Overview

  • Describe the Applications Security Console

  • Identify the roles delivered in a seeded security implementation

  • Manage roles and duties

Configure Common Applications

  • Set up Enterprise Structures Units

  • Manage Reference Data sharing

Configure Project Foundation

  • Set up Project Calendars and Periods

  • Setup Types and Categorizations

  • Set up Project Roles

  • Manage Project Resources

  • Describe Rate Schedules

  • Describe Project Types

  • Explain Action Controls (Microsoft Project Integration)

  • Set up Transaction Sources

  • Manage Project Statuses

Configure Project Control

  • Configure the Resource Breakdown Structure

  • Setup Plan Types

  • Set up Project Budgets and Forecasts

  • Describe Project templates

  • Describe Financial Plans vs Project Plans

Configure Project Performance Reporting

  • Configure Key Performance Indicators for project performance reporting

Configure Project Resource Management

  • Configure Project Labor Enterprise Resources

  • Set up Resource Pools

  • Set up Talent Profile Content

Navigation, User Experience, and Personalization

  • Describe the business processes that are supported by approvals and workflows

  • Set up approval and notification tasks

  • (NEW FOR 18B) Describe Navigation, User Experience and Personalization Concepts

Functional Setup Manager

  • Describe the Functional Setup Manager

  • Manage an implementation project

  • Describe the Rapid Implementation Workbook

Common project configuration

  • Explain common project configuration in Project Performance Management

  • Manage Subledger Accounting

Configure Project Costing

  • Configure Project Cost Collection Center

  • Manage Burdening Schedules

  • Manage Allocations

  • Explain capitalized interest calculations

  • Describe Budgetary Controls

  • Configure Time & Labor for projects

  • Configure Integration Options

  • Describe Integration Methods

Configure Project Billing

  • Configure the Project Contract Model

  • Set up Revenue Recognition

  • Set up Project Invoicing

  • Configure Project Cross Charging and Transfer Pricing

  • Describe Borrowed and Lent vs Intercompany / Interproject Billing

  • (NEW FOR 18B) Revenue Accounting in Revenue Management Cloud

Configure Project Management

  • Describe common project execution components

  • Set up Project and Task codes

  • Set up Issue and Deliverable types

  • Describe project requirements

  • Set up Project Enterprise Structures

  • Configure Social Network for Project Execution

  • (NEW for R13) Manage Project Gates

  • (NEW for R13) Explain additional Descriptive Flex Fields

  • (NEW FOR 18B) Application Composer for Project Execution Managment

Project Reporting

  • Configure Infolets for PPM

  • Describe Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

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