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Primavera P6 Made Easy

Primavera P6 Made Easy

Price: $94.99

Guaranteed to make you an expert in the use of Primavera P6. The course takes you through the basics to an advanced level in Primavera P6. We will show you how to download and install the Primavera P6 software free. You will learn about

Key Project Management Concepts needed to optimally use Oracle Primavera.

Gain Comprehensive Understanding of Primavera Interface

Define Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Add, Organize & Code Activities

Create a project schedule

Perform Resource Loading and Leveling

Set the Project Baseline

Update the Project Schedule

Understand Critical Path Method (CPM) Fundamentals and how it impacts the project

Track and monitor progress throughout the project lifecycle

Create Customized Reports as per the requirements of the project stakeholders

Create a project plan at the level of detail that is appropriate for your project

Course syllabus

The course covers the following topics

Calendar defining hourly & daily

Calendar weekly, monthly

Activities – definitions, sequencing & estimating duration

Effectively using the four types of PDM relationship

Scheduling the project

Monitoring & project controlling

Defining constraints & overcoming conflicts

Defining & assigning activity codes

Defining & assigning WBS codes

How to organize the activities by using activity codes & WBS codes

Reorganizing activities

Filtering activities

Defining project codes

Preparing resource information

How to apply resource to each activities

Estimating the cost of the project

How to analyze the resources by using resource profile & resource table

How to do resource leveling & resource smoothing using crasing , stretching & splitting

Scheduling multiple projects & preparing a master project

Updating the project progress & campaigning the actual progress with the baseline

Earned value management

Preparing different types of reports

How to prepare “S” curve

Highlighting the progress in the bar chart

How to manage risk

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