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Parenting Teens – Learning Difficulties No More!

Parenting Teens – Learning Difficulties No More!

Price: $49.99

If you are:

  • a parent, grandparent, guardian, uncle or aunt
  • interested in better academic performance of children in your family
  • concerned about underachievement and poor academic results
  • investigating about better learning strategies and exam preparation methods
  • in urgent need of new and better study techniques to avoid school failure

….then this course is for you, because it gives participants:

  • in-depth understanding of style features and how they influence learning
  • access to the secret of individual Learning Style differences
  • increased awareness and understanding of human diversity
  • interpretations of personal Learning Style Analysis (LSA) profiles of participants’ teenage children
  • management techniques for improving learning in the home environment
  • insights into the unusual style combinations of ‘gifted’ learners
  • new tools for improving learning outcomes, particularly for underachievers
  • exam preparation strategies based on individual style needs

Every course participant receives one LSA-Swift assessment for their teenager


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