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Primavera P6 latest edition19 Training Course and Tutorial

Primavera P6 latest edition19 Training Course and Tutorial

Price: $94.99

Learn Primavera P6 Overview Course and Tutorial

1. Lecture 1 link:

lecture 1 explain P6 History, P6 Features, P6 Tools, P6 Interface, Critical Path, and CPM technique and terms

2. Lecture 2 Link:

How to download and Install Primavera P6 Ver,18

How to download and install Primavera P6 Ver 18 and Database Configuration on your laptop and be an expert in Primavera

• In this Lecture:

• Installation Guideline step by step with a screenshot

• Database Configuration

3. Lecture 3

Create Project and WBS Details

4. Lecture 4 in Oracle Primavera Ver 18.8 –Activities:

Adding activities and Creating Links

5. Lecture 5 in Oracle Primavera Ver 18.8 –Resources:

Definition of resources, types and details of the resources addition – Measurement units – Prices – Resources codes – How to classify resources to its workers, tools and equipment on the Primavera software last version Ver18.8

How to create Cost accounts for activities and also resources –Adding units to resources –assigning resources and unites and calculate Costs from Units

6. Lecture 6 in Oracle Primavera Ver 18.8 –Create Baselines

Create Baseline the Baseline or Target Schedule provides a point of reference on which to measure and control the underway project. Create a Baseline copy of the schedule before the first update. This will be the target against which the project’s cost, schedule, and performance are tracked. Assign each baseline a category to define its purpose (i.e. initial planning baseline, what-if project plan baseline, mid-project status baseline, monthly update comparison baseline). Categories are created under the Admin menu, Admin Categories, Baseline Types.

7. Lecture 7 in Oracle Primavera Ver 18.8 Progress Update

Update the schedule regularly and compare it to the baseline to ensure that resources are being used effectively, project costs are being monitored against the original budget, that there is a knowledge of actual duration and costs in order to initiate contingency plans if necessary.

Ask the following questions when updating:

· What information needs to be collected to update the project and what method(s) will be used to collect information?

· Who will gather the necessary information used for the project update?

· How often should the project be updated?

· Are resources local or offsite?

· Who will need to see the results of the update and when are these results needed?

· What types of information will be generated after each update in order to communicate progress before the next update period?


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