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Power Automate Desktop – Essentials RPA Training Course

Price: $89.99

Welcome to the Power Automate Desktop- Essentials RPA Training Course, where you will learn how to develop RPA automations with Power Automate Desktop, Microsoft RPA Tool, from scratch!

We start off by learning what RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is, installing and setting up Power Automate Desktop on our machine and then building our first automation. Then we will explore Power Automate Desktop, learning about the user interface to get a basic understanding. Once we cover all the basics, like variables, UI elements, we then will take a deep dive into building 6 automations , covering different types of automations, like web automation, data extraction.

In this course I will provide you with technical skills and automation demos that will allow you to more confidently create software robots including:

  • Learn what’s RPA

  • Power Automate Desktop download and setup

  • Explore Power Automate Desktop

  • Understand the basics about automation development (variables, UI Elements)

  • Learn how to use the Recorder feature

  • Loops and conditions

  • Web Automation

  • Solve the famous RPA Challenge

  • Data extraction and data input

  • PDF Text Scraping

  • Email Automation

  • Excel Automation

  • Custom XPath and edit selectors

  • Control flow with conditions

By the end of this course you will be more confident using the computer to create software robots with the Power Automate Desktop RPA tool, from the more simplest automations, to even the more complex.

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