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Purpose Driven Business Analyst Career – Advance

Price: $89.99

Thank You!

Welcome to Guru’s Odyssey programme on being a Purpose Driven Business Analyst for Practical Skills & Advance Guidance. Our aim at Guru’s Odyssey is to bring common sense approach to every aspect of project delivery in all sectors taking example of complex Investment Banking project so that projects can be delivered on time and with highest quality for the clients.

Majority of projects in technology fail because we have become too much dependent on various popular tools and technologies. We have stopped developing our practical and useful soft skills and stopped using simple methods of delivering projects. My teams aim is to bring back simple methods of project delivery and provide direction to aspiring or experienced BAs or Lead BAs to think about working as a team, how to develop soft skills, focus on clear communication, work in collaboration with others, provide new dimension to negotiation and networking and so on.

We hope that this course will raise enough questions in your mind about being an effective and efficient Business Analyst but at the same time provide details explanations / answers to some of these questions. This course will provide some guidance by raising questions on practical skills you must focus on to be a [Lead] Business Analyst.

Our Moto is “Strong Roots, Smarter Generation” and we strongly believe that if we work together then we will be able to build a smart work force who work on delivering good value for internal and external clients and build a solid foundation for the organisation along with personal growth.

With Best Wishes ….

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