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Practical Productivity Techniques and Habits

Practical Productivity Techniques and Habits

Price: $99.99

Do you want to get more done, in less time, with better results?

Would you like to learn the very best productivity techniques used by high-performers around the world?

Or maybe you want to feel confident that you are using your energy and time in the best ways you can to build the life that you want?

“TJ Guttormsen packed the course with great content! He gets right to the point which allows me to learn a lot in a short span of time! His course content, text visuals, and presence is so engaging that I find myself feeling more energized after watching his videos. I highly recommend this course and instructor!” – Rachel Shriver, Udemy student

Join internationally renowned coach and top-rated Udemy instructor TJ Guttormsen as he shares the productivity techniques used by Fortune 500 CEO’s, Olympic athletes, and overachievers around the world.

In this 97-minute, no-fluff course, TJ will walk you through several of the most efficient productivity techniques and habits he’s learned, used, and taught through his work with world-class high-performers over the last decade.

TJ’s thousands of students have ranged from billionaires and award-winning artists to entrepreneurs, creatives, homemakers, the regularly employed, the under-employed, and basically everyone else. And these techniques have served them all well.

His other courses on Udemy have several times been the highest-rated courses in their categories, and the positive feedback from students getting real-world results keeps flowing in.

“Excellent content and presentation. Well structured and easy to follow. As on all TJ’s courses there are suggestions of activities easier to implement that could make an impact on our life. Highly recommended!” – Doina Munteanu, Udemy student

What you’ll learn.

The content of this course is applicable both to your professional and your personal life, and most of the techniques can be used in both areas. Some are also specifically designed to improve the efficiency of your workspace, or cut down on the time and energy you spend on routine, everyday tasks at home.

The things you’ll learn include:

  • How to stay fully focused on the work you’re supposed to be doing.

  • How to reset your brain between tasks in order to keep it working at its best.

  • How to be “lazy” and get more done by working smarter, not harder.

  • How to use “chunking” to organize your day better.

  • How to optimize your surroundings and the external stimuli that help you perform at your best.

  • How to overcome procrastination – no matter what’s causing it.

  • And lots more.

It doesn’t matter what your life looks like today. If your goal is to be more efficient, more focused, or more productive – to get more things done in less time with better results – this is the class for you.

The techniques and habits you’ll learn are uncomplicated and easy to use. They require very little energy, time, and effort to work – otherwise, they would defeat their own purpose!

There are no complicated models, intricate interconnected bits and pieces, or abstract philosophies you have to learn and practice to make this work. Each chapter is fast-paced, with clear explanations for how to use the techniques. And many of the chapters have practical exercises that will help you apply them to your life as well.

Nearly all of these techniques are plug-and-play. Once you’ve watched the course, you’ll be able to apply them instantly to any kind of task or work.

You’ll also be offered a way to interact directly with TJ, who will personally help you with any questions you have about what you’re learning.

So if you’re ready to make your life even more productive from now on – sign up now.

“This is an excellent course to help you develop techniques and habits to be more productive and procrastinate less. Unlike many of the other resources I found, this isn’t a one size fits all course, and it helps you identify methods and techniques that works best for you. I love the way TJ delivers his courses, he’s very engaging and always very informative.” – Mohamed Joffe, Udemy student

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