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Principles for a Dynamic Life Mindset Masterclass 2

Principles for a Dynamic Life Mindset Masterclass 2

Price: $59.99

[PART 2 of 4]

Dive into over 10+ years of performance coaching, life skills and strategies in this exciting Masterclass. With thousands of dollars and hours of personal and professional growth invested to share the lessons in this course, it will give you an amazing training experience that will not be holding back:

​​​-50+ modules with over 25 hours of expert, high energy coaching on areas like success, relationships and self-mastery​

​-130+ life lessons outlined in bullet-by-bullet format and delivered in a dynamic and fun learning environment​

​-40+ ​engaging, video reflection sessions and a dedicated self-reflection guide for each lesson​

A personalized action plan with exclusive coaching resources to help you craft a vision and take massive action

-My personal recommended reading list, along with additional materials and much more…

If you struggle with any of the following, the course will dramatically shift your power and teach you practical skills to overcome:

Overwhelming Details

Getting constantly caught up, distracted and obsessed over information that doesn’t actually matter to you or make a real impact on your dreams.

Negative Emotions

Being unable to see clearly through what you feel and becoming crippled by your anxiety, guilt, shame, fear or self-doubt.

Uncontrollable Change

When loss, betrayal, burnout or stagnation hit your life it derails your vision, motivation and direction – leaving you confused, hopeless and without a clue as to what to do next.

Part 2: Dynamic People

In this second part of four, we take our foundations established in Part 1 and dive into the deep and fascinating world of relationships, personality and behavior. Understanding ourselves is the key to understanding others, and this part of the Masterclass will empower you with powerful tools to discover yourself, create stronger relationships and activate your life purpose.


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