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Scrum 101- A fundamental look at the agile Scrum Master role

Scrum 101- A fundamental look at the agile Scrum Master role

Price: $69.99

Let me be up front about this course. I cannot teach you everything about being a Scrum Master in an hour or two. I doubt if anyone can. But what I have done is taken the Scrum guide, which is the core of Scrum, stripped it down to the bone and rebuilt it, trying to give lessons that cover all the Scrum basics in a simple and easy to understand set of lessons.

That being said, it is comprehensive in covering all areas of Scrum basics, starting with the history of Scrum, moving onto definitions, theory and values, before a deep dive into the the 3 Scrum roles, the 5 Scrum events and the 3 Scrum Artifacts.

I have cross referenced this course with a number of the popular Scrum master certifications like the PSM1 and the CSM to make sure it covers all the areas needed.

You should take this course if you want a thorough understanding of what Scrum is, either as a beginner, perhaps joining an agile environment for the first time or as a Scrum Master who wants to improve their core knowledge of Scrum.

If you are taking your first scrum master certification, I have also designed another course which provides over 120 exam questions and answers. We believe that these two go hand in hand. The aim is that, at the end, you will be able to pass an exam (like the professional Scrum master (PSM1) exam*)

This new course is developed in Sept 2019. We use a combination of animation videos (not just power-point with voice-overs), audio, fact-sheets and quizzes to breakdown Scrum and the Scrum Master role and present it in a way that helps you to fully understand Scrum

So, if this what you need, I hope you enjoy!


*Please note, we are not affiliated with Scrum dot org or the Scrum Alliance etc. Though our course is perfectly suited to those about to take their initial Scrum Master certification

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