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Set Up your Lead Generation and CRM system using PowLeads

Set Up your Lead Generation and CRM system using PowLeads

Price: Free

Are you sick of grinding out every single lead?

Do you hate wasting hours finding and engaging clients on multiple platforms?

The Omni-Channel Lead Funnel automates the entire customer journey, so you save time and get qualified leads with a higher probability of conversion.

Find out how you can build this system yourself using our smart software, and get additional marketing videos and exclusive bonus tips to attract more clients and boost your lead intake on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit and more.

I hope you get some serious value out of this. We have been building and designing this whole system for years! I have been personally trying multiple software options to build this out simply and effectively. So join me on the PowAcademy Omnichannel Funnel Masters Course and I’ll show you exactly how we build effective, powerful funnels for our clients and then give you the tools to achieve this in a few short hours on your own!

PowAcademy is constantly being updated and expanded to include many topics that will help you hack your brand’s growth including:

  • Personal Branding For LinkedIn and some secret tips.

  • How to build Facebook Group Funnels that get you loads of quality leads

  • How to build viral lead magnets

  • LinkedIn Funnels for a high response rate

  • Cold Email Campaign Strategies that CONNECT with your niche

  • How to automate tasks with VA’s and were to find them

  • Advanced tricks using Reddit, Tiktok, YouTube and more.


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