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Claims that Lionel Messi has decided to leave Barcelona in 2021

Claims that Lionel Messi has decided to leave Barcelona in 2021

Lionel Messi has already decided to leave Barcelona in 2021.

This is claimed by the Spanish soccer expert Guillem Baliga, who says that only the election of Joan Laporta as president can change Messi’s mind.

He told BBC Sport, “A lot of people say that ‘but the election will be at the end of January, so if Laporta becomes president, he can convince him.

“And that’s the key. He has made a decision, he wants to go. Then the new president will have to change his mind. And it will be very hard, because what can they sell him? That Neymar will come? No. Neymar is waiting for him at PSG. That (Pep) Guardiola will come to Barcelona? No. He’s in (Manchester) City, waiting.

“And, of course, City has no connection with the MLS franchise? Those two clubs are the favorites.”


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