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Education in Cabo Verde makes considerable progress

With an average length of schooling of 13 years, Cabo Verde has made considerable progress with coverage of the entire system. Analyses of equity and differentiation based on various population groups (gender, rural/urban, standard-of-living quintile) underscore the existence of moderate disparities up to the end of the second secondary cycle (10 years of studies).

A school girl from Sal Rei, Isla de Boavista, Cabo Verde. Credit: Isidro Lopez-Arcos/Flickr

The education sector plan finalized in 2017, Plano Estratégico da Educação 2017-2021targets three key strategic pillars:

  • universal access to pre-primary education for all children aged 4 to 5 years, including those with special needs;
  • better articulation of pre-primary education with basic education so that all students receive two years of pre-primary education;
  • equal access to universal, free education up to Grade 8 through the implementation of social action plans for schools, particularly for priority groups and special education for all.

The local education group comprises representatives of the Ministry of Education, technical and financial partners, and civil society, and its mandate is to monitor implementation of the various stages of implementation of the education sector plan.


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